​Laguna Herbals path to the "Glowiest Complexion You've Never Had"

​Laguna Herbals path to the "Glowiest Complexion You've Never Had"

Laguna Herbals path to the "Glowiest Complexion You've Never Had"

We have crafted a line with only natural and certified organic ingredients. Our products are formulated for ultimate effectiveness. Recognizing that everyone’s skin is different, we have provided variations in our products by skin type across our green beauty face line. When it comes to using fragrance, only a small percentage of essential oils are used, being mindful of those with sensitive skin. Laguna Herbals never uses synthetic fragrance due to its documented harmful health effects. We think we have just what you’ve been looking for: efficient, safe and effective products!

THE ROUTINE (5 - 10 minutes)



We know how busy you are and how little time many of you have in your day. That is why we have developed this 3 in 1 formula to cleanse, exfoliate and use as a mask in one step. This will save you time and money. We, at Laguna Herbals, recognize that not all skin is created equal and that is why we offer this formula by skin type (dry, oily, sensitive and a detox formula). All of our Multi-Task Cleansing Grains have the 3 Way Action benefits of cleansing, exfoliation and extracting impurities from the skin.

Mix these grains with water until it becomes the consistency of a fluffy mousse, and massage on your face. You can quickly scrub it on to cleanse and exfoliate, or leave it on for 4-8+ minutes to achieve the mask’s benefits. You can use it in the morning and/or in the evening. For best results, pick one for your skin type to use daily and use the detox formula twice a week for deep cleaning. You will soon have an extra clarity and glow about your skin!

Multi-Task Facial Grains 3 Way Action- Oily Skin

Multi-Task Facial Grains 3 Way Action- Dry Skin

Multi-Task Facial Grains 3 Way Action- Sensitive Skin

Multi-Task Facial Grains 3 Way Action- Skin Detox Formula



We have extracted an effective blend of certified organic herbs in certified organic apple cider vinegar. Then we combined it with rosewater and aloe vera to bring you a facial astringent that will: deep clean, tone, tighten and brighten your skin. This toner is gentle yet effective and perfect for all skin types. It balances the natural PH of the skin, removes dead skin cells and lightens sun damaged skin and age spots. In addition, it contains age defying herbal extracts that promote new cell growth, protect against free radical damage and are anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. It is a cocktail of safety and effectiveness that we are certain you haven’t seen before.

Just spray onto a cotton ball or your hand and rub it in. Allow the formula to dry for 1-2 minutes and you will see instant results. Now proceed to Step 3 for more herbal fun!

Herbal Essence Infused Face Mist - Clarify



Our two face and eye oil formulas for normal/dry and oily skin contain high quality carrier oils infused with herbal extracts providing you with a product that contains anti-oxidants to stimulate new cell growth and repair damage from free radical cells. These formulas are age defying, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. Your skin will feel soft, toned and look radiant.

Simply apply a few pumps onto your hand and rub evenly over your face. You may rub some extra formula directly onto visible lines and wrinkles. You will notice a new radiance shortly after using this product. Now proceed to step 4 to complete your path to flawless skin!

Face and Eye Oil Renew - Normal/Dry Skin

Face and Eye Oil Renew - Oily Skin



Our eye balm is hand crafted with a unique blend of 3 oils infused with herbs that promote skin cell rejuvenation, reduce inflammation, and repairs oxidative damage to the skin. This formula will soften the look of fine lines and wrinkles and will brighten the under eye area. This balm can double as a make-up remover that won’t sting your eyes! The formula will last throughout the day or night to protect the delicate under-eye area.

Herbal Eye Balm - Tone, Soften, Moisturize, Remove Make-Up