SOLD OUT-CBD Dreamer's Bath & Body Set -PRE ORDER NOW!

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Release Date: Expected release date is Oct 30th 2021
size: 6.00 W × 6.00 H × 6.00 L
Benefits: Sit back, relax, and let the CBD Dreamers set take you to Cloud 9 and Beyond! Broad spectrum CBD works to relieve muscle stress and tension while nourishing and calming the skin.

Recommended for: CBD Dreamers Set is suitable for all skin types and beneficial for anyone who enjoys relaxation (yes that means YOU!)

Includes ($200+ value):

CBD Muscle Balm - 2 oz

Stress Free CBD Oil - 2 oz

Cloud 9 CBD Body Butter - 4.5 oz

CBD Bath Bliss - 10 oz

CBD Muscle Balm, crafted for pain relief 

Our CBD muscle rub balm is sure to relieve pain and muscle soreness.  Featuring CBD, arnica and cannabis oil, this formula is a powerhouse of efficacy.  Our balm is a multi-use formula that can be used as a therapeutic pain relief rub or overall moisturizer.   It truly works wonders on sore muscles and will leave you with an enhanced sense of well being. Our broad spectrum CBD oil infusion plus Arnica has traditionally been used to soothe away sore muscles, and feelings of stress.

Stress Free CBD Oil, crafted to reduce stress and anxiety 

Broad spectrum CBD oil plus herbal actives will leave you feeling moisturized, reduce pain and inflammation and ease anxiety and stress. Our proprietary blend of essential oils will create a warming sensation to ease tension,  simply roll it on.  The roller ball application makes it easy to target specific areas of pain and tension. Contains 200mg of CBD oil (broad spectrum, cultivated in the USA). 

Cloud 9 Body Butter

Our hemp derived Cloud 9 CBD body butter is blended with 4 raw butters.  It provides the ultimate skin cell regeneration and moisture to dry skin.  The whipped cream texture melts on touch and makes for the perfect CBD massage oil to reduce anxiety and pain.  The scent of the unrefined coconut oil and coco butter will literally put you on Cloud 9!  Nothing delights us more than to have a product that is so aroma-therapeutic in its natural state that we didn’t dare alter it.  This natural hemp body butter can be used in massage or as an overall moisturizer on body, hands, feet or anywhere that needs hydration. Contains 500mg CBD oil (broad spectrum, cultivated in the USA).

CBD Bath Bliss 

Made with pure CBD oil to reduce pain and anxiety and promote relaxation. Bath Bliss is crafted with trace minerals and broad spectrum CBD oil  to calm the mind, body, soothe muscles and stimulate circulation. This formula is scented with a proprietary blend of soothing and calming essential oils featuring rosemary/mint. Contains 150mg CBD per 10oz jar approximately 30mg CBD per bath. (broad spectrum, cultivated in the USA) 

CBD Body Polish

Turn your shower into a luxury at home aromatherapeutic spa treatment with our hemp derived CBD infused rosemary/mint body polish.  Sugar, Coconut, Kokum, and broad spectrum CBD combined with our proprietary blend of essential oils unite to create a sensorial experience that will exfoliate and moisturize revealing skin that is glowing, soft and smooth.  You will step out of your shower with a greater sense of focus and well being ready to take on the day or retreat into a restful sleep.  Contains 500mg CBD oil (broad spectrum, cultivated in the USA.